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Welcome To Mobile Crazy

If you are planning to apply for a mobile phone contract and you have bad credit, chances are pretty high that you might get rejected. With bad credit associated with high risk, it’s no surprise why major providers in the UK reject applications. But that’s not the case at all with MobileCrazy.

If you need a phone contract and you have a less than perfect credit score, you came to the right place. At MobileCrazy, we exist mainly to offer affordable and fast solutions to your phone contract needs regardless of your credit score or financial circumstances.

Instant Approval for the Best Bad Credit Phone Deals

With more and more people in the UK struggling to get approved for a phone contract, MobileCrazy was established with the sole purpose of helping subscribers in the UK.

We understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect phone contract deal when you have bad credit to worry about. You can get rejections upon rejections, which are not frustrating but may also lead to an even more negative impact to your credit files. Fortunately, you have MobileCrazy to help and guide you. When you partner with us, we promise to assist you in finding a suitable pone contract you can afford even with bad credit under your belt.

Who is MobileCrazy?

MobileCrazy is your trusted and dependable partner when it comes to finding the best mobile phone deals available in the UK market today. We specialize in providing our customers with exciting handset choices and suitable phone bundle options for people with bad credit. As long as you meet the requirements and proved the necessary documents, we can almost always guarantee fast approval for all applications.

Since starting, MobileCrazy has helped one customer after another get hooked to a phone contract suitable for their needs. We can do the same for you even if you’ve been refused a phone contract elsewhere because of bad credit.

What We Do?

MobileCrazy exists for one simple and clear mission. We are here to help customers who have ever struggled or have been turned down a phone contract because of bad credit. To ensure that can deliver our promise, we partner with only the best suppliers and providers in the UK market today. We work hand in hand with top websites such as Money Super Market to help you compare your options thoroughly and smartly.

Also working behind the scene is our team of dedicated and expert specialists scouting the market for the best and most affordable phone deals to offer our clients. In addition to our wide handset selection and phone bundle options, we go the extra mile by offering assistance to all customers whenever needed. Whether you need help choosing your handset or your phone bundle, know that MobileCrazy is always ready to lend a hand.


“I honestly just got turned down last week at the o2 shop in town, and have just applied on your site with virgin mobile for a Samsung galaxy s2, and they have just sent me an email saying the phone is on it’s way!”

Victoria Green, Manchester

Who We Serve?

We cater especially to people with bad credit. Understanding the reality of how hard it is to get approved for a phone contract when your credit score is poor, MobileCrazy decided to step up to the plate and established the website to serve as an online portal for people who can’t get hooked to a phone contract.

No matter how poor you’re credit score is, we welcome you to MobileCrazy anyway. Provided that you meet our requirements, you can apply through our website, choose from our wide and varied phone deal collections and get approved in 24 hours or less.

What are the Requirements?

To be eligible for a bad credit mobile phone at MobileCrazy, you only need to meet the most basic of requirements. You must be of legal age, at least 18 years old or above. You must be a resident in the UK and you must provide proof of steady income. It doesn’t matter if you’re working full time, part time or is self-employed.

As long as you can provide proof that you can comfortably handle the fixed monthly fee for the phone contract, you should be able to expect fast and easy approval.

Why Choose MobileCrazy?

As a leading and top website for bad credit mobile phones, you can never do better than MobileCrazy. Dedicated to helping customers and offering the best value every time, MobileCrazy is set apart from the competition by three key things.

One is our wide and affordable selection of handsets and phone bundles. No matter your needs or wants, we have a suitable phone tailored perfect for your personal circumstance. Included in our extensive collection are the latest handsets available in the market today.

MobileCrazy also promises to expedite processing for all applications. Simply meet the requirements and follow the application process to guarantee approval in 24 hour or less. Because we don’t run credit checks on our customers, you can always ensure that bad credit will never get in the way of your phone contract application.

Finally, we also guarantee topnotch customer service. We have a team of friendly and knowledgeable representatives who are always ready and willing to help you in any way possible if you need it. Just get in touch and we’ll show you the way to the best phone deals suitable for your situation.

What are Phone Contracts?

Before you can find the best phone contract deal despite bad credit, it’s first very important to understand what and who phone contracts are for.

Phone contracts, as the name suggests, are the type of deals that tie you up to a contract typically for 24 months. As part of the term, you get to choose your handset in addition to your phone tariff. The cost of your plan will therefore depend on your handset and phone tariff option. The more high-end you handset, the higher your monthly fee will be. The same is true for your phone tariff. The more generous your allowances for call, text and data, the higher your monthly fee will be.

To choose the right phone deal, it also comes down to your handset and phone tariff choice. But first, you must carefully assess your typical usage on a monthly basis to find a deal that you can tailor to meet your needs to a tee. For more info on phone contracts, click here.

Get Approved Today

If you’re ready to apply for a phone deal at MobileCrazy, simply follow our super easy three-step process. First, you must fill out our online application form which will take you a minute or less. We will assess your needs and finances then present you a list of recommended phone deals. You can choose your handset and phone bundle from said list to move forward with the application. We will then confirm approval in 24 hours or less. Once approved, expect to receive your handset in a day or two.