10 Best Money-Saving Apps to Try

10 Best Money-Saving Apps to Try
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With 70% of people in the UK owning a mobile phone, it makes perfect sense to take advantage of mobile free apps to help you save money. Unfortunately, less than 50% of users are doing this but you can change that by merely downloading the right apps so you can save some extra pounds on your shopping.

Whether you’re off shopping for your groceries or you want to earn some cash backs, here are some free apps you can use to save money today:


If you tend to overspend on your groceries because you fail to compare prices, MySupermarket is a great app to try. The application is free to download which you can use as a standalone app. The app is designed to help you stay within budget when shopping for groceries. It lets you compare prices on thousands of products from major supermarkets such as Tesco, Aldi and Asda among others.


To help you keep track of your spending per month, Spendometer is the app to download on your mobile phone. With the Spendometer in your phone, it will be easier to record all your expenses up to the last cent. You can also set your budget as well as get reports on your spending habits. This way, you’ll have a better idea which expenses to reduce and control the next month.


When you download the CheckoutSmart, you’ll be able to save money on your shopping through cash backs. You’ll also have exclusive information on current offers from your favorite stores, supermarkets and brands. You might also receive some freebies along the way and all this for no monthly fee or cost because the app is completely free to download.


Even on the road, you can still save money on your shopping with VoucherCloud. The app lets you search for the nearest shops and restaurants with special offers and discounts real time.

FoodMatic Lite

If you want to stop wasting food and use up whatever available ingredients are on the pantry, a good app to try is the FoodMatic Lite. What you’ll need to do is enter all the ingredients into the app and FoodMatic Lite will give you possible recipes you can whip up. You’ll be able to save ingredients and try new recipes at the same time with FoodMatic Lite.


Rather than bring all your loyalty cards every time you go out to shop, you can combine all cards in one place using the Loyalli app. To date, there are several hundreds of retailers that are are now using the app for their loyalty reward offer. Granted that many of your favorite stores or brands are using the app, you are in for some significant savings.


Saving you time from checking coupon sites like Groupon and Secret Escapes is Redeemia. Instead of browsing one daily deal after another, you can simply download Redeemia and it will give you the most suitable and best deals based on your location and preferences.


Whether you want to save on your travels, shopping or dining, MyVoucherCodes is the app to try. It has a GPS feature that lets you search for the best deals and discounts on a range of products suitable for your location and preference.


If you are frequently checking in hotels for pleasure or work, Trivago is a great app that lets you save money on your bookings. The app is also free to download and its main function is compare room rates from main booking websites online.

AA Parking

With AA Parking on your mobile phone, you’ll never have to waste time looking for parking space. AA Parking will do it for you. In addition, the app will also look for the nearest parking spaces at the most affordable prices so you’ll know exactly where to go.

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