7 Ways to Save Money on Your Phone Bill

7 Ways to Save Money on Your Phone Bill
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With over 4 billion people using mobile phones and majority of them hooked to a phone contract, it’s no wonder why the amount of overspending has also skyrocketed year after year. According to an accredited survey, phone contract subscribers in the UK alone are overspending a whopping £5 billion in their phone bills. You don’t want to join the growing statistic by keeping the following money-saving tips and tricks in mind:

Take advantage of discounts

More and more companies are now partnering with network providers to offer their employees great discounts and promotions on phone contracts. If you’re an employee and you’re looking to apply for a phone contract, one of the first things to do first is inquire whether your employer’s in any partnership with a provider. If yes, you’re in luck and you might be able to cut your phone costs by 10 t0 30% each month.

Switch to a new plan if necessary

If you keep noticing that your bill is increasingly going up month after month, it might be the best time to switch to another plan. One of the main reasons why consumers are overspending on their phone bills is because they have the wrong plan in the first place.
To save as much as 20% on your phone bill, you can start by analyzing your monthly usage of minutes, texts and data. If they don’t jive with your current plan, call customer service to switch to another plan or look for a provider with the most suitable plan to meet your needs.

Join a family or group offer

With competition getting tighter and stiffer among providers, family plans are no longer restricted to family members. Group plans are now offered for friends or colleagues as a way for providers to lure more customers to sign up. If you’re hoping to save money on your phone contract bill, you’d want to join the 65% of users who sign up for multiple-user plans rather than settling for a single plan.
The amount of savings you can earn will vary depending on the plan. In any case, you still get to cut the cost of your phone bill by simply signing up for a family or group plan.

Negotiate for a better deal

If you really want the best value for your phone contract, one of the best ways to do it is to put those negotiating skills to good use. This is especially applicable if you’ve been with your provider for quite some time. Again, considering the tight competition among providers, providers are always offering incentives to tie up customers to their plans.

Rather than keep paying a costly plan month after month, you might want to pick up the phone and call customer service. Inquire about new promotions and offers or haggle for a new plan that will lower your monthly fixed fee significantly. To help you negotiate for a better and cheaper phone deal, head over to Money Saving Expert.

Consider locking down your services

To help consumers avoid going beyond their monthly allowance for call, text and data, there are now providers offering the lock it down option. For a minimal cost per month, you can take advantage of features like block calls or limit your data usage. Once your usage gets near your limit or exceed your monthly allowances, your provider will alert you accordingly allowing you to adjust your usage in the process.

Use WiFi whenever possible

Another trick that will save you tons of money on your phone bill is to limit your data usage by switching to Wi-Fi connections whenever possible. You can take advantage of free apps such as Skype, Facetime and more to make free calls. You can also use free apps such as iMessage and Text+ if you want to send free texts. There’s also the option to use WiFi networks for all your calls and data as long as there’s a network. It only switches to your plan when no network is available.

Switch off the in-app feature

Despite your precautions and money-saving tricks, providers are still trickier if you’re not careful. To avoid paying more than what you need and using, you need to watch out for in-app fees and charges. Turn off the in-app feature to avoid buying in-app things like ringtone subscriptions and other similar services that will only increase your phone bill to something more than what you bargained for.

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