Who are qualified for a bad credit mobile phone?

Anyone who is of legal age and a resident in the UK are qualified to apply for a phone contract at MobileCrazy. Your credit score is not a problem because the website and the service are made available especially for people with bad credit. As long as you meet the basic requirements, you are more than welcome to apply online.

Why don’t you run credit checks?

MobileCrazy does not run credit checks because we don’t want to base application approval on your credit score. Rather than reject applications outright, we prefer to assess your needs and personal circumstance first then we scout the market for the most ideal and suitable phone deal that will match your situation. This way, bad credit doesn’t have to get in the way of your approval.

Do you carry the latest handsets?

Yes, MobileCrazy carries many of the latest handsets available in the market today. In fact, we have one of the widest and most diverse selections of handsets available for our customers. Among the top brands we carry include Apple, Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, Blackberry and more.

What if I cannot provide proof of income?

One of the main requirements at MobileCrazy is proof of income. It doesn’t matter if you’re working full time, part time or self-employed. What we need to make sure is that you have a source of steady income that will enable you to keep up with the fixed monthly fee. If you don’t have proof of income, just let us know and we may negotiate some sort of arrangement to accommodate you.

How long before I can receive my handset?

Because we value your time, we aim to deliver your handset within 24 to 48 hours after your application approval.

Is it possible to exchange my handset?

Return and exchange for handsets are only applicable if the handset is defective within the set warranty period. Warranties will depend on the type of plan you availed and the type of handset you chose. Our return policy is also stated in detail on our terms and conditions for your phone contract.

What happens if I lost my phone?

When the customer loses his or her phone, the responsibility lies mainly on the customer. We recommended getting phone insurance for your phone as part of your plan or you may get it on your own to ensure that all bases are covered.

What happens if I cannot keep up with the monthly fees?

Typical phone contracts at MobileCrazy lasts for 24 months. Ideally, we hope for customers to stick around and complete payments for the entire duration of the contract. In the event, however, that you think you cannot keep up with your monthly fees, we encourage customers to speak immediately with one of our representatives so we can make the necessary arrangements.

How do you earn profits by offering a free service?

MobileCrazy earns profit through our partnerships with phone retailers and other key providers in the market. Our service is completely free for our customers but the moment you sign up through our website, we get a fee as profit from our partners. This is how we continue to fund the website so we can cater to more customers with bad credit who needs help finding the best phone deal for their needs and budget.