Saving Money on Mobile Phones

Saving Money on Mobile Phones
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A mobile phone is an almost indispensable tool in today’s super fast and hectic world. You use it for so many different things now; it is no longer used for just calling or texting. Name an important activity in your day to day life and chances are that you can use your phone to help with it.

So, to say that you always need to have your phone is a major understatement. But to get a new one is a major decision. There is some difficulty involved, particularly if you got a low credit score which is whey plenty of people here in the UK struggle to get approved. But we at MobileCrazy can help you out.

That’s because MobileCrazy exists for the sole purpose of offering fast and affordable solutions to all of your phone contract needs. That’s even if your credit score is something that can’t be considered ideal and regardless of your financial situation. Imagine getting guaranteed contract phones with no credit checks involved.

Let us guide you then with a few simple tips on how to save money on mobile phones and how to get a guaranteed mobile phone contract despite your low credit rating.

  • Do you really need a new handset? This is a question that you need to ask yourself before you get a new mobile phone deal. Your best choice if you already have a decent handset is to get a Sim-only deal where you’ll only get the Sim card with the tariff.
  • Are you paying too much on your monthly bill? If your bill exceeds £15 monthly, then you need to think about the reasons for that. Possible reasons include paying off the cost of the handset, or you might be paying for unnecessary data allowance. Another possible reason is that you got a bad credit rating, so mobile phone contract prices are inflated for you.
  • Make sure you choose the right tariff for you. The sheer number of phone tariffs existing in the market can be confusing for anyone. There are three basic types of tariffs. The first one is a contract with a handset – the best choice for heavy callers and texters. The second one is the Sim-only contract which saves money if you already have a handset and can resist the temptation of trading up. The third is pay-as-you-go (PAYG), an increasingly rare option due to the falling cost of contracts and PAYG data charges building up very quickly with 4G – however, it doesn’t require any credit checks and won’t cause any problems if you’re suddenly unable to keep paying.
  • Be wary about the contract length. Before committing to a contract, be sure that you are fine with being locked in for a certain period. You may be getting guaranteed phone contracts but you also need to commit to however long is stated in the contract length.

So what are you waiting for? Come to us at MobileCrazy for help whenever you need it – we are your dependable and trusted partners for finding the best deals available in the UK today.  Get guaranteed mobile phone contracts without any hassle and you can start calling and texting in no time – but remember to keep up with our blog!


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